Wheeeww Di Raging 20’s

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Ahhhh yes 2020 you’ve been an amazing time of the year where the most troublesome of turmoils has come to flourish like a thrusting thorn from a rose vine. Yes I’m talking about E M O T I O N S!!!! I’ve been silently getting my emotions more intelligent when it comes to daily practice but yet it’s easier said than done, huh?

“Suh you saying Emotional Intelligence is bigger den COVID19?!” There’s no reason to weigh on which side of things inna di year was worse than the struggle, shit, we already got the struggle. It is about truly diving into the Sat Nam or true self as we will continuously go over inna we blog posts. See the idea of being better equipped with Emotional Intelligence will keep you ready for any worldly moment thrown your way. 

Let’s start with the definition ol’ pineal glad, third eye or via Merriam Webster it’s all described in the same principal. Emotional Intelligence is the capacity; to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions. Thus, to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically.

Now this is how this the number #1 dis-EASE of the year is there’s polarities behind emotions just like there are with energy. Like positive and negative energy can gravitate you to an blissful or evil being depends on what you subconsciously rely on; Emotions can subdue you into two polarities as well, Emotional Stunted or Emotional Maturity.

Just like negative vibes or energy can bring you into some dark places that seems too grim to come from at times we’ll your Emotions can help you climb out those head spaces as well once you have a clear grasp on how to take charge of them instead of allowing the opposite to happen.

Emotionally Stunted life forms can form into demons If you’re not careful. Our first example is the “Your Actions Made Me Behave This Way” these are the red flags If you ever wanna see one waving hard in ya face ... just with these simple words I’ve saw multiple relationships fail, sometimes, in very sad ways and even cause depression to even the strongest victims if you’re not careful of these signs at early stages of this behavior in both others and your self.

“I Am Responsible For The Emotions Of Other People” these are normally the victims who are trying their best to be the best for others. They take on too much emotions and put them last. There is a balance when it comes to empathy and not forgetting who you are is one major key. When you lack emotional maturity you tend to take on other peoples feelings as your own. You blame yourself for how others feel around or toward you & You take on tasks that is burning you out and this is not fair to you.

”I Gossip Often” no shade to my Reality Television watchers but I am not into drama series as my peers are. One of the main reasons is the idea of Gossip & how it’s just glorified in the melanin community. Gossip is the number #2 in self immaturity as top on the roaster for red flags in the first quarter on the field. I cannot break this down any simpler than If they can talk about someone with you, just know it’s you who they are gearing up to talk about too. Gossip leeches find friends like prey and feed upon information to use against them later on or stir up mixup for no damn reason.

”I tell people how they should feel in situations in their life” first of who the f*** are you!? This kinda emotional immaturity steams from a very low vibration level very equal to jealousy & Insecurity. People are entitled to their own personal experiences, they are gifted with this thing called life & hey hun guess what? It’s not perfect! Emotional Intelligence is not a mind guru where you now know how everyone is feeling by looking at them or feeling out the room & even if that to be true... it doesn’t give you the right to tell them how they should feel while looking at another life form or walking into a room. Don’t you just be pestered when you’re telling someone a situation and it could have been a very sentimental conversation and boom they come out to tell you that you shouldn’t have those sentimental feelings toward your personal situation? Selfishness.

“I take on the emotional state of the person around me” this ties into being responsible for people’s emotions as well but instead of taking the blame for the emotions here’s another problem that forms into its own mind Jutsu. Here we have not only taken the blame but now we’ve put so much energy into the emotions of others in which we start to take those emotions on to our selves. Yes, you guessed it, we’ve become emotional vampires, energy vampires of you will because here will take any emotion it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad because we aren’t grounded in our own intelligence.

“When People Act Negatively Towards Me, I Personalize It” now this takes a lot of emotional practice. Some, more than others for we come from all types of ways of being raised on this planet and the best way to keep your emotional Intelligence in check is learning that not every action, deserves a reaction. Not every negative polarity is gravitated toward you & you need to know that there are other emotionally stunted people out there as well. People do not know how to handle their emotions because there’s no real class, no studies in being a better you for di world.

What I meant by being not only careful for others but YOURSELF. Having Emotional Intellect will help you realize that there are certain behaviors that are coming forth that aren’t healthy or not even who you are. Sometimes we have to understand people live in their own purpose and our internal factory starts harvesting, our soul or inner consciousness if you will. These things can gear off to causing you clash with those life forms & it’s our body saying “hey, maybe we shouldn’t force this?” Like a battery we all need someone to be our charge but not every Duracell is meant to be around an Energizer Bunny

I’ll be back with more on Emotional Stunt & Maturity this week second week of December 2020!


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Sat Nam , Keyopatra


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