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Nulture 11 Week Intro Series


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✨Inna 2021 we’ll be focusing on Mindfulness ✨

Have you ever thought and took ah step back at this year 2020? It’s been infected with multiple incidences after another. Battling natural disasters, black lives matter movements against racial discrimination and the coronavirus attacking every being who has nose, yet the biggest virus of them all this year is Emotions.

Dissociation from the body can lead to a bigger problem than many perceive. You tend to bend your mind into another realm, a genjutsu if you will (*wink, wink*). You tend to lack motivation which tends to leading to ah poor choice in decision making and rationality. You’ll find that staying focused pon things that normally amuses you becomes more of an struggle. Daily inspiration becomes grey and a repetition of self-doubt breeds itself into anxiety; feeling over whelmed with uncertainty. It comes the worst virus of them all, plain and simple; where not allowing space for mindfulness.

Nuh Swim is the platform to confront these as they come forth; as you go through thinking each feeling, each emotion and as you reflect & understand how these experiences impact your overall wellbeing. Harvesting the ability to show up for the life you're creating. There is NO shame in struggling with these challenges, we are all human. I am a crusader in these situations inna mi best mindset. This all simply means, you just like me need grounding; solid solutions, strategy and support to make a positive shift.

Nuh sounds easy enough?

We will be diving DEEP within the ordeals of not only you but the energy, place and people around you. There will be monthly gifts & incentives to help your manifestations come to in it’s truth. We’ll also have personal videos cultivated just for YOU with collaborative gods/goddess’s like us to give a better insight of the journey closer to oneself by the end of 2021.

Nuh Swim is to cultivate a learning space where we can unlearn how we've embodied this fashion narrative - especially as Black Spectrum, People. This practice calls us to remember the self identification in the integral to our sense of aliveness, pleasure, and radiance first and foremost for us and THEN to share from our overflow if we so choose...

 If you're ready to reclaim the narrative around your spiritual journey as your own and find new ways to reconnect to your experience of Sat Nam (true self), then I want you to join me for Nuh Swim: Abantu 12 Month Intro Series.

Couple Notes:


✨This series begins the week of January 11th and will continue to gather on Sunday evenings until the week of December 27th.


✨Each class is limited to 15 participants max.


✨We are offering personal live online class times for step by step mindfulness and guidance: 


🍑Wednesdays 3pm EST


🍑Wednesdays 4pm EST


🍑Thursdays 7pm EST


🍑Sundays 11am EST


✨Early bird enrollment ends December 28th. 

✨Discount when you pay in full. Payment plans are available. Link bere to sign up.


12 Month Nulture: Abantu Mindfulness Lesson Plan:


January 👉🏾 The 7 Levels of Consciousness


February 👉🏾 Chakra & Enneagram


March 👉🏾 Shadow Work & Inner Darkness


April 👉🏾 Repair, Reheal, Reparent: Reclaiming your Authority.


May 👉🏾 Unlock Unfuckwithable Level


June 👉🏾 Intentional Habits: Creating a plan for the higher you.


✨Bonus Class: 

July 👉🏾 Kundalini Awakening & Symptoms of Di Shift

What's Included:


  • Two Hour Meditation Sessions


  • Pre-Recorded Video Coaching Lessons w/Guests


  • Weekly Take Home Assignments & Readings


  • Access To Class Recordings For Six Months.