About Us

Nuh Swim | Eco Designer Brand

Nuh Swim is ah sustainable swimwear and wellness brand founded by Bahamas-native, T'Keyah Chanté. Our Mission is to Create the best eco-friendly, no harm products all while using business to inspire culture and spread Love; Love that sparks the sustainable future for our Oceans.


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As she creates each new drop, T'Keyah stays true to her culture all while blending the latest trends, art, music and political views into her designs, which is why our suits are perfect both on the beach and as one-of-a-kind's. Of course, T'Keyah's designer swimwear is in limited quantities, so check back often to get your faves before they’re gone!


Nuh Swim (v.): being who you are, self loathe deh inna ya skin & still win. Even when people insist that you affi change

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Nyafu Sage | Nuh Swim's Health & Wellness Sub-Brand

Nyafu by Nuh Swim

Nyafu is ah 100% no harm self-love-vibe wellness brand founded by Nuh Swim. Nyafu's Mission is to embrace self-love through full abundance, wealth, peace and prosperity. We want to overflow you with self loathe and confidence with smudge.


Nyafu (n.): overflow of abundance  

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